F.Y.B.Sc. S.Y.B.Sc. T.Y.B.Sc.
  1.  Compulsory Subject: Foundation Course - Paper I (Social Awareness and Personality Development)
  2.  Select any ONE of the following Groups:
  1.  Foundation Course (Compulsory) Paper II
  2. Select any ONE of the following Groups: (THREE PAPERS EACH )
  1. Students can offer any ONE subject of Six papers as Major subject.
  2. Subject studied at F.Y.B.Sc. and S.Y.B.Sc. should be offered as a Major subject at T.Y.B.Sc.
A Chemistry Physics  Mathematics
B Chemistry Physics Botany
C Chemistry Physics Zoology
D Chemistry Botany Zoology
E Chemistry Physics Statistics
F Mathematics Statistics Economics
G Physics Mathematics Statistics
1 Chemistry Physics
2 Chemistry  Botany
3 Chemistry  Zoology
4 Botany Zoology
5 Physics  Mathematics
6 Physics  Statistics
7 Statistics  Mathematics
8  Statistics  Economics
Chemistry   Heavy and Fine Chemicals
Physics Electronics Instrumentation
Mathematics  Computer Programming 
Statistics  Computer Programming 
5 Botany  Horticulture 
Zoology  Marine Science