Quest for lifelong learning 

  • Continuous efforts to impart to learners knowledge and skills that are relevant to the demands of the changing times.
  • Encouragement to the faculty to adopt innovative methods of teaching that will cater to the needs of learners at various levels of study.

Learners as the focus 

  • Regard learners as the focal point of all activities and efforts and adopt policies that effectively meet their needs.
  • Impart skills which can translate into practical applications for the industry.
  • Support curricular training with co-curricular and extra - curricular activities aimed at building the overall personality of the learners.
  • Provide learner-centric academic and personal enrichment opportunities.
  • Empowerment to pursue their goals.
  • Guide learners towards self-actualization.
  • Stimulation of active learning.
  • Enabling critical thinking through freedom of thought and expression.
  • Adopting an integrative and inclusive approach towards various disciplines.
  • Nurturing talent and creativity. 

Fostering research 

  • Motivating students as well as faculty members to take up research projects.
  • Creating a mindset for inquiry. Inculcating analytical attitude and scientific temperament. 

 Efficient Governance­

  • Identifying new means of resource generation.
  • ·Optimal deployment of resources.
  • ·Development of state of the art infrastructural facilities.
  • ·Participative decision-making process that is effectively communicated to all the stake-holders.
  • Transparency in functioning.
  • Constant assessment and upgradation of processes to ensure maximum productivity.

Collaboration with industry­

  • Development of synergistic alliances with world-known academic, research and consulting institutions.
  • Creating an interface with the industry to ensure that the skills imparted to the learners are in consonance with the needs of the industry. 

 Social responsibility­

  • Sensitizing learners about social, ecological, economic and political issues.
  • Endeavouring to find solutions that will benefit society as a whole.
  • Positive role modeling in order to create responsible citizens.