Marathi Vangmay Mandal, the literary association of the Department of Marathi has been active since 1952. It has a grand tradition of organizing a variety of activities to develop lingual as well as literary skills and develope critical socio-cultural approach among students. All these activities aim at providing the students an opportunity of enjoyable and enriching experiential learning. Following activities are organized under the banner of Marathi Vangmay Mandal:

  • Interactions with authors and artists
  • Lectures of resource persons from various fields
  • L. G. Jog Memorial Lecture series
  • Workshops on occupational and creative skills
  • Educational tours
  • Visits to libraries, book-exhibitions
  • Screenings of movies, plays etc. followed by discussions
  • Watching movies, plays with students
  • Poetry writing competition and other literary competitions
  • Interaction with successful alumni
  • Literary enactments, adaptations by students
  • Marathi Bhasha-Din celebration
  • Marathi Bhasha Samvardhan Pandharwadaa
  • Students’ e-publication: Sahitau

मराठी-वाङ्मयमंडळाचा अहवाल (२०१८-२०१९)

मराठी-वाङ्मयमंडळाचा अहवाल (२०१९-२०२०)

मराठी-वाङ्मयमंडळाचा अहवाल (२०२०-२०२१)

मराठी-वाङ्मयमंडळाचा अहवाल (२०२१-२०२२)

सहितौ- नियतकालिक